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Entry Deadline Extended to August 1st, 2007

8"x10" or 11"x17"
Color or black and white prints made on photo paper (no inkjet printed photos).

Entry Fee: $10 per photo
Limit: 3 photos per person (prints)

Note: Prints will be judged by a professional photographer.

Digital Photos
High quality JPEG Format From 800 pixels wide (about 1 Megapixel ) to 3264 pixels wide (Approx. 8 Megapixels)

Entry Fee: $10 per photo
Limit: 3 photos per person (digitals)

Note: Digital photos will be judged by magazine staff and amateur photographers.


Click Here to Download Rules and Entry Form as PDF File


Sorry, no professional
photographers, please.


Entry Deadline Extended to August 1st, 2007 !!


Family & Friends
     — 1st Prize $75

Any photo composition including people. Be creative. Please identify the people in your photo in the entry form, if possible.

Kids & Animals
     — 1st Prize $75

Kids. Animals. Or kids and animals. Can be pets, livestock, wildlife. Kids and goats, kids and kittens. Children playing, riding horses, combing show animals, etc.

Ranch & Landscape
     — 1st Prize $75

Country landscapes or pastoral scenes. Also, ranch activities or nature scenes.

Youth – Open
     — 1st Prize $50

Any photo taken by youths. Any subject. Photographer must be under 18 years of age.


Animals & Nature
     — 1st Prize $75

Photos of trees, plants, flowers, wild animals, livestock, birds, poultry, sheep, goats, dogs, fish, snakes, insects, etc., etc.

Rural Life
     — 1st Prize $75

Small town or rural setting activities and scenes. Historical buildings, people enjoying themselves, farmers or ranchers at work, horseback riding, a teen and his car, a bride, church. The sky is the limit.

Poignant Portraits
     — 1st Prize $75

Portraits, whether planned or spontaneous, of people. Your family, friends, children, famous people, politicians, old folks, characters, etc., etc.



1. Fee: $10 per photo entered. Limit three photos entered per person (not per category) in each section. A total ot six photos may be entered per person if three are entered in the print section and three in the digital section. No professional photographers, please. A professional is defined as one who makes a living or substantially supplements his/her income with photography.

2. Two Sections are defined for 2007—Prints and Digital Photos. Participants may submit up to three entries in each section.

3. PRINTS in color or black and white must be 8"x10" or 11"x14." Digital photos must be larger than 800 pixels wide and less than 3264 pixels wide. DO NOT MOUNT PRINTS ON MAT BOARD. Just mail us your prints. Be sure to package carefully so photos will not be damaged in the mail. Digitals should be submitted on CD. A provision for submitting/paying online could be available by May 2007 at ranchmagazine.com.

4. Prints will be judged by a professional photographer. Digitals will be judged online by magazine staff and select amateur photographers. Judging will be based on subject, creativity and composition.

5. Submission of your photographs grants Ranch & Rural Living Magazine rights to unlimited use of your photos in articles and advertisements on its two magazines and on its website, ranchmagazine.com

6. DEADLINE — JULY 1, 2007. Extended to AUGUST 1, 2007.

7. All reasonable care will be taken in handling entries. Ranch & Rural Living Magazine cannot be held responsible for damage to or loss of photographs. Submission of entry constitutes entrant’s consent to and agreement with these rules.

8. All pictures will be judged anonymously. Pictures and entry forms will be numbered upon receipt. Judges will not know who the winners are until the numbers are matched with entry forms after judging. Winners and non-winners alike will be notified of the outcome of the contest if an email address is supplied.


Click Here to download an entry form in PDF format

If you cannot open the PDF file you may need to install Adobe Reader, which is available here free (click on free Adobe Reader, download and install on your computer). Complete one entry blank for each photo you are entering. Alternatively, you can use the image of the entry form below. Just print this web page.

Send completed forms and entry fees to: Photo Contest, Ranch & Rural Living, P.O. Box 2678, San Angelo, TX 76902



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