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Fill out the form below to submit your event and have it added to our online calendar.
Event Title :: Name of the event, such as "3rd Annual Texas Ag Conference"
Event Dates :: Start and End Dates of the Event.. Example: Wed., July 1 through Saturday, July 4
Event Location :: City, State and address of venue, if known. This will link to a Google map. The more accurate the address the better. At least town and state.
Event Description :: Enter description here. As many details as needed.
Event Contacts :: Names, phone numbers and email addresses of contacts so interested people can call or write for more information.
Event Web URL :: Web URL or address. In the form http://www.domain.com/
Attract even more visitors to your event by advertising it in one or both of our monthly magazines! Would you like us to give you a call to discuss options for a magazine ad or an online graphical ad on our website that clicks through to your event's website?

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