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Lesli's This and That
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21 Milestones Lesli Nolen 3082
22 Is Your Glass Half Full? Lesli Nolen 3317
23 What Are You Reading? Lesli Nolen 3131
24 Love That Lasts Lesli Nolen 3343
25 A New Year's Pledge Lesli Nolen 4251
26 God's Gift to Us Lesli Nolen 3627
27 Savor the Ordinary Moments Lesli Nolen 3186
28 Praying for Rain Every Day Lesli Nolen 3590
29 Slowing Down the Spin Cycle Lesli Nolen 3552
30 The Tone Pirates Lesli Nolen 4499
31 Visiting With Family Lesli Nolen 3489
32 A Birthday Wish Lesli Nolen 3576
33 On Being a Priest Lesli Nolen 3412
34 Trip to the Mountains Lesli Nolen 4211
35 Life's Conversions Lesli Nolen 3791
36 Looking Back at 2010 Lesli Nolen 3824
37 Making a List . . . Lesli Nolen 3762
38 It's Only Skin Deep Lesli Nolen 3980
39 Facing Giants Lesli Nolen 4186
40 Vacationing Close to Home Lesli Nolen 3751
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Finewool and Clippings

After a particularly restless Saturday night, three cowboys stood before the small town judge on a charge of drunk and disorderly conduct in a public park. Judge to First Cowboy: Name please. First Cowboy: Harvey. Judge: What were you doing in the park? First Cowboy: Oh, we was just throwing peanuts in the river. Judge to Second Cowboy: And your name? Second Cowboy: Bubba, sir. Judge: And what were you doing, Bubba? Second Cowboy: Like Harvey says, we was throwing peanuts in the river. Judge to Third Cowboy: Your name? Third Cowboy: Peanuts.