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Raising Hair Sheep and Meat Goats http://www.ranchmagazine.com/index.php/Meat-Goats/hair-sheep-and-meat-goats-for-small-acreage-landowners.html http://www.ranchmagazine.com/index.php/Meat-Goats/hair-sheep-and-meat-goats-for-small-acreage-landowners.html By Frank Craddock and Richard Machen
Professor and Extension Sheep and Goat Specialist
and Professor and Extension Livestock Specialist
Texas A&M University System

Published March 2011

Raising Boer goats has proven to be a money making endeavor for many small landowners.
Dorper sheep, like other hair breeds, are pasture hardy and do not need to be sheared. They raise a good lamb crop.

Rural areas in many parts of the United States are being rapidly developed and urbanized.  Many urban dwellers want to escape to the country to live a quiet, peaceful life or enjoy recreational opportunities on their own land.  As a result, large tracts in rural areas are being divided into properties of 5 to 100 acres. 

New rural landowners almost always want to maintain or obtain an ad valorem tax exemption, which is most often granted for agricultural use of the land.  They often decide to start livestock enterprises to meet tax exemption requirements.  However, most taxing authorities require one to demonstrate that such an enterprise is economically viable.  In other words, owning one animal as a family pet will not qualify property for a tax exemption.  Two enterprises best suited to small acreage and most likely to be profitable are meat goats and hair sheep.

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American Goat Federation Meeting http://www.ranchmagazine.com/index.php/Boer-Goats/american-goat-federation-meets.html http://www.ranchmagazine.com/index.php/Boer-Goats/american-goat-federation-meets.html Meat Goats about to be auctioned at Producers Livestock Auction in San Angelo, Texas.American Goat Federation to Meet at ASI Conference

When: Saturday, Jan 23, 2010

Where: Sheraton Nashville Downtown, 623 Union Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37219 (map)

AGF President Tom Boyer announces an organizational meeting of the American Goat Federation during and in conjunction with the American Sheep Industry Assocation conference and convention in Nashville, Tenn.

Boyer said: This is truly an exciting time in the goat industry and we see a marvelous future ahead. The best way for us to control that future is to create it and that is precisely what we intend to continue doing in Nashville which will then set the stage for the nationwide roll out of The American Goat Federation. This has long been the vision of many producers including the late Marvin Shurley and finally the time has arrived for the organization to come to fruition.
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Decent Bids Offered at TAGRA Sale http://www.ranchmagazine.com/index.php/Angora-Goats/texas-angora-goat-raisers-sale-show.html http://www.ranchmagazine.com/index.php/Angora-Goats/texas-angora-goat-raisers-sale-show.html Angora ranchers bid on fullblood hair goats at the annual Texas Angora Goat Raisers Association Sale in July.At the Texas Angora Goat Raisers Association 90th Annual Show and Sale held July 24–25 in Junction, Texas, Angora goat ranchers gathered to show their best and buy new genetics for flock improvement. The sale was dedicated to longtime Angora raiser Jack Groff. Auctioneer Mark Tillman wielded the hammer.

Champion Sale Buck, sold by Triple S Angoras, was purchased by the Pfluger Ranch, Eden , Texas, for $600.  Champion Sale Doe, owned by Bonnie and Dale Naumann, was sold to Cerulean Farm, Harrah, Okla., for $650.    

High selling doe of the sale was offered by Bonnie and Dale Naumann and sold to Alan Stieler, Rocksprings, Texas, for $700.
High selling buck of the sale was offered by Ted Smith and sold to Seco Mayfield for $625.    

The day of the TAGRA sale in Junction, Pat and Tracy Ross from Harper had for sale mohair products including knitted products and yarns. They were selling these Angora goat dolls made with mohair locks.The day of the TAGRA sale in Junction, Pat and Tracy Ross from Harper had for sale mohair products including knitted products and yarns. They were selling these Angora goat dolls made with mohair locks.In the show on Friday, July 24, the “finale class”,  Annie Auld and Bob Davis Special Award $1000 winner-take-all went to Dale and Bonnie Naumann of Spicewood, Texas. The descendants of Bob and Annie Auld Davis have sponsored this event for 10 years. The previous winners are1999—Triple S Angoras, 2000—Triple S Angoras, 2001—Cindy Sites, 2002—Cindy Sites, 2003—Dale and Bonnie Naumann, 2004—Triple S Angoras, 2005—Dale and Bonnie Naumann, 2006—Bo Evans, 2007—Dale and Bonnie Naumann, and 2008—Kim and Bonnie Turner.    

TAGRA members expressed appreciation for the Davis family support and dedication to the Angora industry as well as their show. Show and sale organizers said they would like to thank all the buyers who attended the sale and said they look forward to seeing everyone again next year.           

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