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Meat Goat Monthly News

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Meat Goat Monthly NewsMeat Goat
Monthly News

A nationwide monthly tabloid-sized magazine featuring:

  • News about the Meat Goat Industry
  • Sale results from auctions of fullblood Boer goats
  • Commercial auction prices for slaughter, stocker goats
  • Feature articles on goat health and how-to items
  • Show results and advertisements from around the country

Subscription Rates

$27 for 12 issues of Meat Goat Monthly News
$50 for 24 issues of Meat Goat Monthly News

Canada and Mexico: Add US$20 per year per subscription ordered for postage costs. Please pay in U.S. currency. Other international subscriptions will be charged for current postage required to ship to the respective country.

Mail Subscription Orders To:

Meat Goat Monthly News,
PO Box 2678,
San Angelo, TX 76902

For special rates and to subscribe online, click here!



Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association

Rio Grande Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Finewool and Clippings

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