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Lesli NolenBy Lesli Nolen

Published March 2013


If you have had any communication with a child, teen or young adult lately you probably understood every abbreviation I just wrote. If not, welcome to my new world.

The first time my daughter texted me, “WRUD,” I responded with, “You misspelled “word” and I do not understand what you want.” The text I received back was, “LOL , that means what are you doing.” My response, “Why didn’t you just say that?” Her reply: “OMG.” Needless to say it has been trying times for me to keep up with this new techno lingo. I have adapted well, but there are still a few out there that I’m not familiar with. So if you find yourself lost in this abbreviated world, know that you are not alone!

The researcher that I am, I found a website ( that has a list of all the abbreviations and their meaning. And OMG, I had no idea there were that many acronyms and sure didn’t know some of that stuff could be abbreviated! Anyway, I thought I would share some of them with you:

*$ - Starbucks
!!!! – Talk to the hand
14AA41 – One for all, all for one
2GTBT – Too good to be true
2nite – Tonight
2moro- Tomorrow
4EAE – Forever and ever
404 – I haven’t a clue
4COL – For crying out loud
<3 – heart
A3 – Anyplace, Anytime, Anywhere
ADBB – All done bye bye
AIMP – Always in my prayers
ASAYGT – As soon as you get this
B4N – Bye for now
B@U – Back at you
BBIAB – Be back in a bit
BD – Big deal
BG – Be good
BI5 – Back in 5
BR – Bathroom
BWL – Bursting with Laughter
CD9 – Code 9 / Parents are around
CM – Call me
CMU – Crack me up
CRB – Come right back
CSL – Can’t stop laughing
CWUL – Chat with you later
CY – Calm yourself
DEGT – Don’t even go there
DKDC – Don’t know don’t care
DUST – Did you see that
EG – Evil grin
EMA – email address
FEAR – Forget everything and run
FOMCL – Falling off my chair laughing
G1 – Good one
GTG – Good to go
G4I – Go for it
GGN – Gotta go now
GR8 – Great
GRRR – Growling
GTG – Got to go
HO – Hold on
HAK – Hugs and kisses
HAND – Have a nice day
HBU – How bout you
HITAKS – Hang in there and keep smiling
IBRB – I’ll be right back
ICBW – I could be wrong
ICW – I can’t wait
IDK – I don’t know
IDST – I didn’t say that
IHU – I hear you
IJS – I’m just saying
IMRU – I am, are you?
J/J – Just joking
J/C – Just checking
JAM- Just a minute
JIC – Just in case
K – Okay
KMP – Keep me posted
KWIM – Know what I mean
LOL – Laughing out loud
LTS – Laughing to self
LTTIC – Look the teacher is coming
LUMU – Love you miss you
LYLAS – Love you like a sister
M2NY – Me too, not yet
MBN – Must be nice
MLAS – My lips are sealed
MSTM – Makes sense to me
NT – No text
N1 – Nice one
NBD – No big deal
NHOH – Never heard of him / her
NIMY – Not in a million years
NVM – Never mind
OBTW – Oh by the way
OLO – Only laughed once
ONUD – Oh no you didn’t
PA – Parent alert
PAW – Parents are watching
PCM – Please call me
PIR – Parents in room
PM – Personal message / Private message
POAHF – Put on a happy face
PTL – Praise the Lord
RBAY – Right back at you
RMM – Read my mind
ROTFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
RUS – Are you serious?
RUT – Are you there?
SB – Stand by
SFETE – Smiling from ear to ear
SHB – Should have been
SIT – Stay in touch
SLAP – Sounds like a plan
SMH – Shaking my head
STH  - something
SWAK – Sealed with a kiss
TA – Thanks again
TAF – That’s all folks
TBH – To be honest
TM – Trust me
TMI – Too much information
TNTL – Trying not to laugh
TRDMC – Tears running down my cheeks
TSTB – The sooner the better
TWIT – That’s what I thought
TY- Thank you

Not only am I learning a new language I am learning new social networks too. I have facebook account, twitter, kik, pinterest, instagram and a few others. I think the past couple of years my brain has been on overload trying to keep up with this new age, technology geared generation. Sometimes, I wish they would go back to learning to write on the Big Chief paper with dots and lines!

I hope this lesson of Acronyms 101 has been beneficial to you. Until next time, BS (Be safe) and TTYL (Talk to you later)!

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