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Lesli NolenBy Lesli Nolen

Published September 2013

Welcome back, fall! Welcome back, Friday night lights, new season of TV shows and my favorite—fall fashion. The kids are back in school, the weather is cooler and I love it. The fall season is one of my favorite times of year. I love how the leaves begin to change color, from green to bright orange, red and yellow. The heat of summer begins to dissipate, leaving us with crisp cool mornings and countless stars and constellations to fill the night sky.

I love to dress for fall weather. I know we don’t usually have the typical fall weather like some do north of us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make a fashion statement. I love the changing colors that fall brings and the changing colors of the fashion palette, too. I love the deep shades of orange, gold, red, rust, the purples and the greens. These colors help us express a range of moods, with hues representing sophistication and structure to those bringing vivid life and excitement.

Photo by Carmen Sutton of Ozona, Texas, was an entry in the Animals and Nature category of the 2012 Ranch & Rural Living Photo Contest. And, I love the ability to change a look with the changing weather. Dress it up, dress it down. Add boots and a belt. Throw on a scarf or a big chunky necklace, light jacket or sweater. The possibilities are endless this time of year; making it a difficult decision as to what to wear to a football game on Friday night!

A true stamp of fall is Friday night lights. Cities all across the country anxiously await the pageantry and excitement of high school football on Friday night. Two-a-days, sweat, full pads, drills, scrimmages, all have been done in preparation for the Friday night game. From the bleacher seats smells of popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and candy fill the stadium air. Cheerleaders, pom-poms, painted faces, megaphones and cow bells are familiar sights and sounds surrounding the boys of fall. It’s the time of year everyone gathers in hopes of a victory when the final down is played! And if you’re not a Friday night fanatic, don’t worry, there is plenty of drama on TV to watch.

I am so ready for the new season of TV shows. Yes, I’m a TV junkie. I have my favorite shows and I watch them religiously. It all starts on Sunday night with “The Good Wife.”  Moving on to Monday night, I like the reality show, “The Voice.” Two of my newest favorite shows are now both on the same night and the same time: “Chicago Fire” and “Person of Interest.” They used to be on different nights, but the networks have changed the scheduling and I will have to watch one and record the other. I know, oh poor me!!

Now that all the “drama” is done, I love “The Big Bang Theory.” Up until a couple of months ago, I never thought I’d watch that show. My husband told me to sit down and just watch a whole episode and then make my decision. I did and I was hooked. I love it. So now Thursday nights start and end with a “bang,” as that is the only show I watch now on Thursday nights. I might tune into some of the new shows coming this fall, but so far none of the previews have really piqued my interest. It may be like “The Big Bang,” may just have to watch an episode to discover what I’ve been missing.

If you’re a baseball fan you know there’s nothing better than post season baseball. They all want to still be playing in late September and October. Fox network is usually host for the playoffs and World Series games.

The term “fall” is derived from old Germanic languages; meaning, “To fall from a height.” The term also came from Middle English expression like, “fall of the leaf.” New settlers to North America brought the English language with them, therefore keeping the term fall for the season of transition between summer and winter, as opposed to the term autumn. Autumn is the term used most around Halloween and harvest time. And according to Wikipedia, since 1996 Autumn has been one of the 100 top names for girls.

Well, as I write this it happens to be a very nice day in August, 80 degrees, cloudy with 30 percent chance of rain. It’s definitely feeling like fall or autumn and I welcome it with open arms.

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