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Google Calling

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By Gary Cutrer
July 2009

GoogleWe get some unusual phone calls here in the magazine office. I think it has something to do with Google and keywords. The World Wide Web and Google are now everybody’s information service, their “4-1-1” if you will, and that’s where the keywords come in. People “Google” a word and search results contain a link to our website and they find our phone number on the website. Words like “ranch,” “meat goat,” “mesquite,” and “Dorper” bring in the calls.

I’ve gotten many calls from Mexico and Central American countries where the caller is wanting to buy goats or sheep. Usually they speak only Spanish but they try their best to communicate in English.

One day, Sarah, who used to work for us, came busting into my office. “Talk to this guy on the phone! I can’t understand a word he’s saying. He keeps repeating something like ‘Darba Cheeves, Darba Cheeves,’ over and over, and I don’t know what he wants!”
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